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Featured In 'Professional Builder' Magazine - October 2014  - Page 27 - Link


A time-served joiner and kitchen fitter has ironed out his very own solution to laminate edge fixing on worktops    

When joiner and kitchen fitter, Dale Waterson saw a problem that needed to be solved he decided to strike while the iron was hot – quite literally in his case – to find a solution. “The building industry is a hard game, and anything that makes a job just that little bit simpler has got to be a good thing, and that was my starting point for Rapid Edge,” explains Dale.

“I get a lot of jobs replacing worktops, and the traditional way to fit the edge banding is with sealant applied with a spatula. The downside of that is that it’s a messy business, with the adhesive potentially dripping down, whilst you’ll also have to wait for it to go off. It got me to thinking that there’s got to be a better way, so over the last couple of years I have developed RapidEdge. Time is of the essence on site which is why the name of the product should tell you all you need to know.”

RapidEdge is an iron on solution for fixing laminate edging to worktops. It’s quick, clean, easy and super strong and works on external or internal corners. It’s also resistant to householder cleaners and heat and, unlike many adhesives, there’s no offensive odour.