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Rapid Edge Q and A

Q. Can I use Rapid Edge on PP and acrylic edging strips?
A. Yes Rapid edge can be used on PP and acrylic edging strips but a must be placed between the iron and the edging to prevent any scorching to the edging strip. Also more heat will need to be applied by running the iron over for longer, please see the video for PP and acrylic edging. The cloths can be purchased off this site in packs of three. (video and cloths coming soon)

Q. Can I use Rapid Edge on the worktop at the side of my oven?
A. Yes Rapid edge is heat resistant

Q. How long do I run the iron over the laminate strip?
A. Approximately 15 seconds with the iron set on maximum

Q. Can I iron over a high gloss edging strip without damaging it?
A. Yes

Q. Can I use Rapid Edge tape on 40mm and 30mm worktopss?
A. Yes

Q. Where can I buy Rapid Edge tape from?
A. See the list of retailers or buy directly from us on the Buy page

Q. Can I use any iron
A. Yes, but if using a steam iron first empty out the water and turn off the steam option