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Reviewed by David Crampton on
I really like this product and after introducing it to fellow kitchen fitters to try on my kitchen showroom fit outs my team give it the thumbs up. This product dose what it says on the tin and is the one you trust. Well done and hope the word gets round quickly that "Rapid Edge" is a must have in the tool box . Come on big sheds stock it now.
Reviewed by Sam Crowder on
Absolutely fantastic product. So much easier than getting contact adhesive all over the place. I had doubts of it holding curled edging flat but a short press of the iron and it did just that. I would strongly recommend it to everyone. I'm sure it will be in every hardware store before long.
Reviewed by C. ANDREWS on
This double sided laminate tape makes a perfect job and is very easy to apply. After ironing over the laminate which could not be simpler you are left with a perfectly adhered edge. Just trim off any excess laminate for a quality finish. I would definitely use this tape again.
Reviewed by Paul Vasey on
I have often wondered why someone hasn't come up with a hot melt tape like this before.
Then I came across this product by chance and thought I would give it a try, so glad I did, it works fantastic and so quick it pays for itself in time saved and the finish is perfect.
I would never go back to contact adhesives again!
Reviewed by Chris Farley on
Absolutely Brilliant, Loved It. Stumbled Across This A Few Weeks Ago And Thought It Sounds good So bought A Roll, Used It To Edge My Worktops And Couldn't Believe How Good It Was. Absolutely Brilliant. After I Give It Time To Dry I Held A Peace Of Wood Against The Tape and scored Worktop Side With A Stanley Knife And Then Snapped Towards Worktop And Used A Window Scraper And A Very Fine Sand paper To A Smooth Finish, It Turned Out To Be The Best Worktop Edging I've Ever Done. No Time Wasting The Glue & Filing, Absolutely Brilliant, Loved It.
Reviewed by Christopher Joyner on
You asked for a review about the double sided tape which I have purchased from you for the first time and just used with successful results and very impressed having previously used contact adhesive and a competitive tape (but without the use of an iron). It is very important to watch and do exactly as the video instructs for good results. The only recommend I would say is to use a cloth between the iron and the laminate as an debris on the iron may scratch the laminate having done all the prep only to spoil the finish. The final adhesion is very close and tight which gives a professional finish
Reviewed by Steve Morrow Kitchens on
Just want to say a big thanks to Rapid Edge for bringing out such a great product. This product really is a time saver and makes edging worktops so much easier and mess free!! Ive used a different edging tape once before and it failed but Rapid Edge works first time every time. As a kitchen fitter this is now a must have product for me.
Reviewed by Richard Iveson on
I would highly recommend giving rapid edge a try.
Compared to contact adhesive it is quicker and cleaner
with an easily achieved quality finish.
Reviewed by Dan brown on
Great product, tried it this week and it literally took 2 minutes, less mess and less time. I'm definatley sold on rapid edge. I'll be buying more for definate.
Reviewed by Neil on
Purchased a roll a couple of weeks ago it is brilliant stuff quick strong with no mess, knocks spots off other brands it's all down to the iron, just had another 2 delivered NO MORE CONTACT ADEHESIVE when fitting kitchens!! Will recommend to all kitchen fitters
Reviewed by rasta on
used this edging and works very well
Reviewed by Steve Perry on
Just discovered this product. Simple and hassle free. No more impact adhesive for me.
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